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Design is an intricate part of the client/Contractor relationship. It takes a concept talked about in the estimate/ house meeting and brings it to life in front of you so that the overall vision and drawing begins to take on a life of its own. It’s a concept that starts in the client’s mind and is brought to life through CKB’s Design team and software. Design allows us to get to know who you are. What you like, what you don’t like. What grabs your inner heart strings and what doesn’t?  Understanding our clients’ pallets is essential to any successful build and we take pride in the one on one interaction to ensure this vision is achieved.

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Renovations in any home can be overwhelming and cumbersome. CKB takes care of acquiring any Structural reports, permits or zoning for all our jobs that require them. CKB also assigns a Project coordinator that comes to your job daily. These Project coordinators are there to quality check all work being performed, as well as relay any pertinent information back to you about the job so that any potential surprises can be rectified and any deviation from the plan is monitored, recorded, with an active solution in place. We make sure, you as the client always have a resource within CKB to answer any and all questions about your job.


Quality starts with having the right team for the job. CKB has made a name for itself in the market due to never overlooking the small “details”. We tailor our scopes to your project so that any and all questions you may have are easily answered and found on the scopes provided. This allows our clients to follow along with the work being done so they know what to expect next. When CKB arrives at the Punchout faze of any job, you will see why CKB has continued to be a leader in the renovation industry. We take pride in every step of the construction process and delight in the opportunity to make your space “yours”, all while working with the name brands you have come to love and trust.



Once CKB has been to your home and provided your initial rendering and scope, we then  assign a  Designer that will work closely with you to assist with all the selections needed to accomplish your dream space.

Once selections have been made you will receive a final selections sheet from your designer for your perusal. Once that Finals sheet is signed, CKB will begin to purchase all selections items made. This is just another method used by CKB to deliver your project on time and within a set budget.



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