Project FAQS


Make sure desired Appliances are ordered before the commencement of your project. Different Appliance Brands will have different wait times attached and shipping may vary, so, If you want to make sure your are not waiting on appliances at the end of your project, make sure to get a firm delivery date. CKB can recommend dealers if desired. 


Refernces for CKB can be obtained. Please ask the front desk or your selected designer for as many as needed. You will be given those upon request. 


Any project that is moving plumbing, electrical or Gas will need permits prior to starting the job. Depending on the necessary labor needed to complete the job will depend on the length it takes to receive permits from the county. Please allow 2-4 weeks for permits. 

Selecting Cabinets 

Different Cabinet lines will have different wait times, options and colors available with each product. To make sure of your projects success and on time delivery of cabinetry, please make sure you discuss all needs, options and wants with CKB staff prior to purchasing specific cabinet lines. Depending on the cabinets selected each line comes with its own colors and styles. The more options you add, the higher the cost. 

Before Demolition

Before Demolition, please make sure all furniture (that is not to be demo'd) is removed from the construction area. CKB will not be liable for any damage of furniture that remains within the construction zone upon commencment of project.

Start Date

The start date of your project will be determined by the above items being completed before. Once completed a firm start day will be given.